4 Things I’ve Learnt Since Starting a Blog

Writing has always been one of my biggest hobbies. Ever since I can remember I've always loved creating fictional worlds and characters, and truly losing myself in the flow of putting words down on a page. For many years I was absolutely convinced that I'd one day be a successful author or journalist and would… Continue reading 4 Things I’ve Learnt Since Starting a Blog

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5 Ways to Organise your Life

I've never been the most organised person - in fact, I've been quite the opposite. I'm forgetful, untidy and absentminded at the best of times. When I feel organised I feel on top of the world, but it doesn't take much for that to slip. Once I notice how unorganised I am, I begin to… Continue reading 5 Ways to Organise your Life


My Content Cocktail

So, as I start to take this blogging thing seriously, I have spent a lot of time on google looking for advice on where to start. How do I get this blog off the ground, what kind of ideas should I be looking for, and most importantly what should I write about. After a number… Continue reading My Content Cocktail