My Content Cocktail

So, as I start to take this blogging thing seriously, I have spent a lot of time on google looking for advice on where to start. How do I get this blog off the ground, what kind of ideas should I be looking for, and most importantly what should I write about. After a number of internet searches, I’ve found that a key recommendation from many new and established bloggers is to ‘pick a niche’ and write about that. Which at first I thought was a particularly good idea – it makes sense to focus on one topic and build a following from there.

Then I got thinking – what would my niche even be? I’m the kind of person who’s not amazing at one single thing; I like to dip my toes into a few passions at a time. I know a lot about a few different topics, but a lot of my writing comes from opinions and I do not feel like I am quite at the stage where I’m confident enough to put my opinions out there for the world to see in a way that makes me seem like I’m coming across as an expert.

This process has led me to consider, if I were to choose a niche for my blog, what would I chose to focus on?

I studied Film and Television studies at University – so why not focus on that? The main thing that puts me off this is the time constraints that many film and television blogs have to put on themselves in order to stay relevant. I love going to the cinema and I do go as much as I can, but I am also a millennial and I have car insurance and petrol to pay for and cinema tickets are damn expensive most of the time. It seems like a strange approach to write about films that came out years ago, when I finally get round to watching them, because my thoughts aren’t as relevant anymore.  I also tend to approach film from a very, very academic point of view and while I enjoy commenting on film, I often get carried away and I feel starting a film blog could end in disaster because every post would be a ten-thousand word dissertation on why you should/should not go and see the latest Marvel film.

I considered writing about food and cooking, as a form of therapy for myself and my odd relationship with food. I’m a pescetarian, so part of me wants to hunt out the restaurants with the best offering and write about them, but the same issue as above applies. If someone is going to fork out the money for me to eat out once a week I would happily write reviews until the cows come home, but I don’t think this is going to work so well for me straight away.

I’m also really passionate about photography, politics and human interest matters, but as I am largely self-taught on all three of these subjects, I don’t think I’d want to position myself as an expert on any of them. I also work in marketing, with a specialism in social media and content marketing, so part of me wants to write extensive blog posts on the latest social media fails (looking at you Walkers) and my thoughts on these. But, I do that in the office five days a week, which while this is enjoyable (and you can check out my posts here) I want my personal blog to be a hobby and not an extension of my workplace for the time being.

My main reason for starting this blog is because writing, for me, is incredibly therapeutic and I like to have an outlet for my own personal creativity. I could sit and write stream of conscious blog posts for days and days if I had the opportunity. My aim with this blog is to work on my ability to concisely make a point per post, and not ramble on and on for hours without any real direction. This, and I am also a words person, and as much as I love my camera and wouldn’t want to be without it, at the end of the day the written word has always been my strong skill.

I also want the people to read this to read my posts for my personality and my view on the world. So I guess this is why I’ve decided that my ‘niche’ is that I don’t have a niche. This is simply a twenty-something’s approach to being an adult, with occasional film reviews and opinion pieces thrown in when something really catches my eye.

Who knows, in a year’s time I may have a completely different approach, but I’d like to think that my commentary on the world is enough to keep people interested in something at the very least.

So I guess my blog is a cocktail of content from the depths of my brain, and I just hope you enjoy the read.

For all you recently converted bloggers out there, what do you think about the advice to have a ‘niche’ from the start? Did you find yours instantly, or did it take a while? I’d love to discuss this with you.

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